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Give H & S Metals a call at 281.421.9488 to place an order for your ductwork fabrication!



H & S Metals : Commercial & Industrial Ductwork Fabrication

H & S Metals fabricates spiral, rectangular, oval and square ductwork from high quality sheet metal. Our pipes, ducts and fittings are made of galvanized stainless steel, carbon steel, and corrosion resistant paint grip.

Click on the following product links to see specs:

Spiral Pipe & Fittings
Oval Pipe & Fittings
Rectangular Ducts & Fittings
Square Ducts & Fittings

We offer custom commercial and industrial duct fabrication. Have hand sketches or contact drawings of the ducts you need for your property? We can build the pipes, ducts and fittings to your specifications.

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